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Lightshot: Chrome Plugin To Take Lightweight Screenshots

Lightshot Chrome Plugin
If you are looking for a tool that can easily capture screenshots of a particular section then Lightshot Chrome Plugin is for you.

AgreeDo: Chrome Addon To Manage Business Meetings

AgreeDo chrome extension
AgreeDo can assist you to get the most out of your business meetings. AgreeDo is a tool that helps you to achieve the targets easily and in easiest way.

Pingdom: Chrome Extension To Monitor Website Uptime & Performance

Pingdom Chrome Extension
Pingdom allows users to check websites & servers from various places. It is among the most convenient services that helps in monitoring website performance.

Divshot: Chrome Extension To Build Interface of Web Apps

Divshot Chrome Extension
Divshot is an interface builder designed for web apps which permits the user to use semantic, clean code that helps to increase the quality of website.

Nexos: Chrome Plugin To Manage Bookmarks, Apps & Favorite Content

Nexos Chrome Plugin
Nexos is a tool to manage bookmarks, apps and various other contents like extensions in a systematic method and it helps to track the data when we need it.

Pearltrees: Chrome Extension To Organize Your Favorite Online Content

Pearltrees Chrome Plugin
Pearltrees is a free tool that allows the user to store whatever they like on internet. You can also share it with your friends, family or online community.

Google Docs: Chrome Extension To Create & Edit Document Files Online

Google Docs Chrome Extension
Google Docs is an excellent way to manage your day to day work. It helps to increase the productivity and most of the people like it.

Producteev: Chrome Extension For Managing To-do List & Task Management

Producteev Chrome Extension
Producteev is an excellent tool that helps to manage the tasks so accurately that it increases our overall productivity.

BodBot: Chrome Plugin For Personal Fitness Training

BodBot chrome plugin
BodBot is for those who want to stay fit and happy all the time. It is a free service which is extremely beneficial to plan your work out properly.

9Gag Mini: Chrome Addon For Latest Hot Fun on 9GAG

9GAG mini chrome plugin
You can entertain yourself with single click here. There is no need to surf internet constantly to find something interesting.